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Using the Power of AI to Half Your Research Time

Creating content is a massive task on its own. But, the trick is being able to create content that is of a high quality, is easily understood by your audience, and is eye-catching! Naturally, as a creator, you have an eye for detail and most likely won’t compromise on it either.

But, what if we told you that the research that you do to create your perfect content no longer needs to take as long as it does? And trust us, we know how it feels! Heard of AI but have not really known how it can be of benefit to you? Well, we’re here to help you out!

To be able to cut down on research time and free up some time for even more final checks of your content will cause your content to break every boundary you thought existed! So, what are you waiting for? Carry on reading to see how AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistance can completely change your content creation game plan!

There are so many tools that are available to increase your productivity, but in all honesty, many of them aren’t tailored to the life of a content creator. Yes, scheduling and time management are important, but so is the ability to work smarter, not harder!

With that being said, AI assistance in creating your content should no longer be a consideration, but an active implementation! We’re going to go ahead and help you see how AI can help you with the type, amount, quality, and time it takes to conduct your research!

The Perfect Way To Cut Down on Research Time

There are such a wide variety of uses for AI, most of them being tailored to processing large amounts of information and creating deductions based on that data. However, what about when you need to do the research instead of make deductions? How can AI assist you then?

Well, here are some of the more prevalent ways that including AI as a part of your research methodology will only be of benefit to you! Here they are:

  • Data analysis: AI has the ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately. Remember we mentioned those deductions? Well, this is where AI is helping you to extract insights, patterns, and metrics that may be rather difficult to manually identify!

Now although this is all well and good, it is important that you check the results that AI creates. You want your content to still be human-centered and have an element of humanness to it. So, always take the results of an AI search with a few pinches of salt.

  • The implementation of predictive modeling: An AI algorithm can be used to build a model that is circled around a predictive model. What this means is that if you are creating content within the same niche and topic, you can use the information you have already obtained as a solid foundation!

In this way you can continuously use the data and metrics of your previous posts to identify future trends and even the response of your content to these trends. This is through the combination of both historical and newly generated data. What a way to save time, right?

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): As a content creator, using NLP algorithms can help you extract relevant information from numerous different bouts of text data. This way you are able to review a more concise and sifted version of the content.

Why read a 120 page document when AI and NLP can give you a 12 page document that is concise, to the point, and a lot easier to understand!

  • Image and video analysis: There is a misnomer that AI can only be used to analyze text! However, AI can even help you analyze and understand visual data! This includes images and videos.

This is the perfect way to create an overarching content creation campaign that focuses on the incorporation of both visual and written elements! Here you will be able to identify patterns, detect any bits of untrue information, and create content that is perfect in every way!

  • Speech recognition: AI has the ability to transcribe spoken language into text. This makes it that much easier for you and your audience to understand interviews better, as well as for you to pick out highlights of conversations that you want to use for advertising!

Not only will this save you time by researching what specific words are if different languages are present, but you may even save money from needing to hire a translator!

  • Sentiment analysis: The progressive side of the AI algorithms can even be used to pick out specific emotions from a bunch of texts. Now, this is where you need to understand the intention of your content before creating it.

AI is not a replacement for humans. It cannot elicit and portray emotions as well as we can, and it definitely cannot create content as well as trained professionals are.

Yes, it can help gauge the public’s potential response or opinion to a topic, but it will never be able to correctly identify every avenue of your content and its engagement by your audience.

  • Personalization: You want to have your research experience optimized! Well, with AI you are able to do this! Finding resources that are tailored to your needs will save you so much time. It will even ensure that you don’t need to hop onto the second and third Google pages with the hope of getting the information that you need!

As a content creator AI may have been a rather contentious topic of discussion. Many are for it, and many are against it. But, through understanding how it is able to assist you in creating high-quality content, in an ethical manner, is on the basis of maximizing the tools that have been made available to you!

The Time Saving Paradigm – How AI Can Increase Productivity 

We chatted a bit about how using an AI tool can save you time in your research, optimize the type of content you create, and in general make the process of obtaining personalized research that much easier and quicker.

But, there are a few more aspects other than just saving time that AI can provide you with. Using AI is only as good as your understanding of it. So, through understanding how it can assist you, save you time, and promote your own healthy, holistic, and balanced lifestyle, you are geared towards being a trailblazing content creator in your field.

AI Helps With More Than Just Research

Yes, research is important for all content creators. Finding out what the perfect trends are, what algorithm changes have been incorporated, and even what new advancements are in your field are all imperative to ensuring your success.

But, AI has so much more potential than many let on. Instead of telling you what others mean by this, let’s show you! Here are a few of the more content creation-specific benefits of AI:

  • Time-saving: Other than research, AI-powered content creation tools exist to help you automate many aspects of content creation. Should you struggle with generating ideas, creating outlines for your blogs, and even allocating time segments to aspects of your content creation, you should probably think about using an AI tool.

Sometimes we don’t realize that the low-yield tasks, which can be automated, are actually taking most of our time. By using an AI tool you are able to allocate your time to more high-yield tasks that require your full attention.

  • Consistency: Using the same AI system that focuses on a particular algorithm will  allow you to create consistent content that will adhere to a specific style guideline. This will always ensure that any content that you create will always be delivering the same brand message!
  • Personalization: Should you be making a business out of your content, the ‘personalization’ aspect of AI can ensure tailored content to your audience!

How it does this is through focusing on your browsing history, behavior of content that you have already created, and incorporating your preferences into the ideas it generates for you!

  • Optimization: Maybe you have struggled with the engagement that your content is receiving. Well, maybe all you need is to change a word or two so that it ranks higher on SEO. Using an AI tool will help you do this, ensuring maximum engagement.

AI will even be able to tell you what times you should be posting on social media, the most effective headlines you should be using, and even what your primary audience is and can be.

One can now see why AI has taken the world by storm as it has. It has created an opportunity for smaller businesses and content creators to compete with those that have been dominating the market for the past couple of years.

Your time to create mind-blowing content is now!

In Summary 

Time is a commodity that many don’t have – especially content creators! In between research, shooting the content, editing, and posting it, there is very little time to have an inkling of a balanced lifestyle.

But, with the use of AI, you are able to save time on research, automate low-yield and time-consuming tasks, and really get back to spending quality time with family and friends. You can be a success in all realms of your life, and using AI might just be the answer to your time-crux paradigm!

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