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Meet the Founders Marco and Natasha Moutinho

Our mission from day one has been to provide quality content with a reliable service at an affordable rate

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The Future of Content Creation

We are disrupting the content creation space by specializing in delivering high-quality content on time with our innovative SaaS platform, while containing costs. Our proprietary systems are designed for streamlined content creation and emphasis on collaboration, requiring minimal management. Disrupting the Agency model completely. This gives SMEs the opportunity to outsource traditional internalized content creation with enterprise savings.

We’re integrating AI technology to make our systems even faster and more efficient. Focusing on collaboration, quality, and speed.


We aim to be the top AI-powered content creation platform in the world, making high-quality content accessible, at a fair cost, and effortless through our all-in-one workspace. We want to bring together customers and content creators with innovative and reliable AI tools, leading the way in the future of content creation and empowering people globally.

Our Story


Marco and Natasha were in limbo between a 9-5 job and seeking passive income. They knew they wanted more from life and dreamed of making an impact and helping others do the same.

Photo 2016


Marco and Natasha had their first books written by a few ghostwriting companies. The books were awful, and the customer service was even worse. They lost hard-earned money to pursue this dream, only to find the ghostwriting space was costly and a hit or miss.

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The Urban Writers was born. While Natasha was on maternity leave with their son, Marco worked around the clock and launched a ghostwriting company that would later disrupt the content creation space. In the meantime, the primary focus was on outputting quality work at an affordable rate.

Photo 2018


Marco and Natasha spoke at events to share how they scaled their business from 0 to 1 million USD in their first year. This was the beginning of great partnerships. They also hired their first local employee in March.

Photo 2019


The Urban Writers shifted from a ghostwriting company to software as a service (SaaS). By this point, The Urban Writers was one of the leading content creation platforms for self-publishers, authors, influencers, and businesses.

Photo 2020


Marco and Natasha invested in a local office to bring people back together after the pandemic. In 2021, they were able to help thousands of freelancers from all around the world sustain work while the economy plummeted and people lost their jobs.

Photo 2021


The Urban Writers prepared to transform branding to Dibbly. After hitting a record annual revenue in December 2022, the company also reached an internal team growth of over 40 people, a freelancer pool growth of 5,000 freelancers, and over 15,000 customers.

Photo 2022


The Urban Writers has fully evolved into Dibbly. At this point, Dibbly has over 20,000 customers and has collaborated on over 1 billion words. Building on our success, we are creating new tools and software to continue to reshape the marketplace and generate revenue for our customers, all supported by AI.

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