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AI vs. Human Creativity: Examining the Differences and Similarities

With artificial intelligence becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, how does it impact our creative fields? AI has grown exponentially over the past few decades, as it has become a tool used in our everyday tasks. But is it becoming a threat to human writers?

In this article, we’ll uncover all of the differences and similarities between AI and human creativity while discovering how AI can be used to make better content!

The Rise of AI

A few decades ago, we didn’t even know what artificial intelligence was. Now AI is a part of our everyday lives and practices, sometimes without us even realizing it. Let’s take a look at how AI has grown and developed over the years.

What Is AI?

Before we discuss how AI plays a role in our lives as creators, it’s important to know what AI is and why it has become so popular. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence which is processed mainly by computer machines.

It has been around for decades but only started to gain traction in the 1980s. Now it is a far bigger industry than anyone would have imagined it to be!

How AI Is Used on a Daily Basis

Many of us don’t realize how often we’re making use of AI tools, devices, and applications on a daily basis. As we become more accustomed to using technology on a daily basis, AI is used in new ways to make our lives more convenient. These are just a few ways AI may be used in your life without you realizing it:

  • Virtual assistance. If you have an iPhone or an Alexa, you may be using AI. Every time you say “Hey Siri” or “Alexa,” you’re initiating an AI tool that responds to any question you have.
  • Grammarly. If you’re a writer or you just have to write documents frequently, you’ve probably made use of Grammarly. It’s a tool that improves the grammar and spelling of your work by scanning it. There are various AI tools like Grammarly being used by writers.
  • SurferSEO. When writing SEO content, AI tools like SurferSEO can assist in the writing process, allowing you to have more success reaching more people. 
  • Social media. Of course, one of the most used AI tools out there are social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. AI is used on these platforms to collect data on what you like, post, and engage with.

As you go through your day, consider all of the different tools and devices you use. Determine how often you use AI on a daily basis and how it benefits you when accomplishing tasks.

Creativity in Humans vs. AI Artistic Abilities

Now that you know what AI is capable of, let’s explore some of its artistic abilities by identifying the similarities and differences between a human touch and artificial intelligence.

Similarities Between Human and AI Creativity

AI creativity and human creativity have a few similarities, as AI has been programmed to copy the tone and energy of human writers. This can be seen through the tone of the written pieces of AI, as they use examples of human-written content to provide you with content.

Professional writers and AI writers both use a lot of research and proven data to back up the content that they produce. As a professional writer, you need to ensure that all of your content is credible, as it’s backed by research from a variety of sources. AI-generated content gathers research and data from a variety of platforms and sources online, making this similarity evident. Yes, AI can surely do the research, but it has its own faults that we’ll discuss shortly.

Differences Between Human and AI Creativity

Though AI-generated content does a great job of mimicking the essence of human writing, it lacks the depth and emotional intelligence you can find in a piece of writing done by human writers. AI content is very surface-level, as it is only generated by facts and research found online.

Since AI gathers all its content from various sources online, the information isn’t always accurate. AI-generated content can have errors and incorrect information that only the human eye can pick up.

Human content is way more imaginative and personal, as professional writers can include their personal experiences in their written pieces. This can make human-written content more enjoyable for readers, as there’s a level of depth and entertainment that AI can’t replicate.

It’s fair to say that AI and human content have a lot more differences than they do similarities, as technologically developed content can beat the rawness and realness of human writing. This is why AI should be used as a tool to enhance writing rather than to create from scratch.

Using AI to Create Content

As a creative, AI may be your arch nemesis, as you view it as your competition. You fear that AI will take you out of business as a creator, so you try to avoid all the tools you can. In reality, AI can be a really useful tool that improves the quality of your work.

Why Use AI for Content?

As a creative, you’ve learned that creating original and unique content is most important. If you’re a writer or you produce written content, you’re used to your creative writing process, which probably doesn’t include any AI tools.

Though AI used in the wrong ways can generate plagiarized and low-quality work, when it’s used in the right ways, it can be remarkable for your writing process. These are some reasons why you should consider using AI to aid your content writing:

  • Helping with writer’s block. If you’ve ever had a written project in the works, you’d know that writer’s block is a very real issue. You have a vague vision for your written piece, but you don’t know how to get there. AI can help you to brainstorm new ideas and identify a clearer structure for your project.
  • Improving your article writing. If your main form of writing is for a blog, you’ll benefit greatly from AI tools, as they take away redundant tasks. You no longer have to brainstorm topics for your articles. When you’re writing SEO articles for a website, AI content is often already optimized for search engines.
  • Creating more engaging content. Artificial intelligence doesn’t only grab information from various sources online, as it also understands patterns in viewer’s engagement online. This data allows them to provide you with information and content that makes your writing more engaging to readers!
  • Having fewer grammatical errors. Even the most talented writer makes mistakes every now and then, especially when they’re producing a lot of content. When using AI tools like Grammarly, you’ll find that your work becomes more polished and error-free!
  • Speeding up the writing process. With all of these mentioned benefits in mind, you can imagine how efficient your writing can become, speeding up your writing process. This will provide you with more time to be creative and productive with your writing, which ultimately allows you to produce a higher quantity of great work!

When AI is used responsibly as a creative, you’ll find how much it can increase your efficiency. If you want to write smarter and not harder, be open to all of the possibilities of AI.

How to Use AI to Create

There are various ways and tools you can make use of when integrating AI with your creative process, especially as a writer. But how do you use artificial intelligence without risking the use of plagiarism or compromised quality? The following tips can help you to use AI as a creative successfully:

  • Providing clarity to vague ideas. There’s nothing worse than starting a big written project with a hundred vague ideas and no clarity. AI tools can help you to achieve more direction and clarity for your ideas, which will result in a more concise and cohesive written piece.
  • Keeping the human touch with AI content. Using AI tools to write isn’t about sounding robotic, calculated, and perfect, as people want to read content that is relatable, heartwarming, and humorous. This can only be achieved by adding your human flare. 
  • Using AI to understand your audience. An effective way to use AI for high-quality content is by using it as a research tool to understand your audience. Building that relationship with your readers is crucial, and AI can play a role in discovering what your target market enjoys and expects from written content.
  • Hiring a ghostwriter. If using AI for your content is a bit out of your comfort zone, but you still need an aid that can help you produce a higher quantity of great-quality work, hiring a ghostwriter may be just what you need! As a bonus, The Urban Writers has developed an AI bot that helps its writers create the best content for you!

Remember that AI doesn’t have to be the big bad scary wolf that you need to avoid; you just need to learn how to use it in a way that is effective.

Hiring Freelancers Who Use AI

Due to the controversy around AI usage for creative pieces, many people are hesitant to hire freelance writers, as they worry about the quality of writing they’re receiving. At The Urban Writers, AI is an optional tool that assists writers when permitted to eliminate repetition and benefit quality control.

AI usage is merely 1% of the writing process, as it doesn’t generate content for lazy writers. It provides tools and techniques that can help professional writers achieve the best quality of writing within a speedy timeframe.

With all that being said, if you don’t want your project to have any AI usage or generated content along the way, you can make it a requirement for the ghostwriter you choose to hire, and they will respect this request!

In Summary

I think it’s safe to say that AI won’t be taking away any of our creative jobs just yet. Though AI can accomplish a lot of tasks we can’t, it isn’t human, which means it can’t make the creative and empathetic decisions we can. It can do a lot more good than bad in our creative industries.

If you’d like to try out some AI tools for yourself, Dibbly Create is the perfect tool for you to use. It can help you to generate outlines and ideas, as well as aid you along your brainstorming process!

Some of the best professional writers out there use AI to beat writer’s block, increase accuracy, and speed up the writing process so that they can spend all of their time and energy on creative work. If you’re looking for a freelance writer who can bring your vision to life with the use of AI tools, check out our services!

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